Divider Design is the brand with no compromises in mind when it comes to a vision. We intently chase beauty and refinement to produce and serve the world something that could conqure and divide today 's standards. We grasp design as a whole where boundries do not exist giving us a reason to discover unexplored fields of forms, solutions and functions which could create tomorrow's vision. We dauntlessly believe in a good design that asks for no explanation, speaks for itself and dazzles its perceiver undoubtedly. We do not tell a story behind an art that never existed, we only show its raw shine that leaves no question behind.

Divider Design has been created without the use of any AI image generative tool. All the artwork presented within this collection is the result of manual techniques and the artist's personal creativity and skill.

Aurel founder of Divider Design Born in Hungary & graduated at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Download Resume
What I can offer: Design and fulfill your visions. What I can do: Everything what is needed for a vision. DESIGN, DEVELOPE, DIVIDE, stroke